RainbowBRIGHT me

Coloring your hair a million different colors may not be your everyday style, but why not have fun and experiment with “hair chalk”? One of my clients brought this in and we had so much fun! She found it a Freepeople and the cost was $24. Total steal!

Monday Must Have’s

You don’t have to spend a fortune, but every woman should own a nice set of luggage at some point in her life. It’s a staple and can instantly make you fell that much more sophisticated.

Cut it out

Skin cancer is a serious matter and on the rise. Recently, I had a mole that looked a little suspect and decided to get it checked. Luckily the results came back and the cells are completely normal. Wear your sunblock and if you’re looking for a Dermatologist, here are my two favorites: Dr. Grossman in SAnta Monica and Dr. Molly Griifin.